About Pencils, Paper & Nature

About Pencils, Paper & Nature

At Pencils, Paper & Nature, we love to share our passion for the outdoors and our joy of journaling the wildlife around us. The photos and video footage we use in each class were taken from wilderness hiking trails and canoes routes, country roads and city sidewalks.

Whether it's sketching a chipmunk with seed-filled cheeks in the fall, keeping warm jotting Snowy Owl field notes on a blustery winter day, or crouching in the leaf litter looking for the first green shoots of spring, we discover something new from each plant and animal we observe.

We hope our online classes inspire you to observe, journal and learn more about the amazing plants and animals that surround us.

Pencils, Paper & Nature Team

Class Instructor & Nature Videographer - Len
Wildlife artist, Certified Ontario Master Naturalist, OCT registered teacher

Nature Photographer - Kris
Children's writer, Certified Ontario Master Naturalist

Volunteer Contributor - Matt
Wildlife photographer