"I love these nature journaling classes! I've taken the last three classes and it amazes me what the instructor gets us to draw…never knew that I could draw a bird! Each class had an animal and a flower…really love this format as she also provided relative info and labelled the corresponding parts that we drew. I use the same book to record the lessons so I have all the sketches that I can easily review. I love flowers and trees…and would take any class that Len is teaching!"

Lorraine S. - participant

"I love all her classes and am happy to do any with her!!
One piece of feedback is… more classes!"

Amy K. - participant

"I highly recommend Pencils, Paper and Nature. Len and Kris keep the program at such a great pace that anyone can keep up. Len is incredibly talented but not intimidating, and she designs a safe space that empowers artists of all skill levels to be creative. The helpful hints and educational pieces she shares throughout the process are always interesting. These delightful workshops are entertaining and informative."

Glenda Newbatt -Manager of Library Services, Essa Public Library

"There is a no more delightful way to learn about nature's creatures and plants than to participate in a nature journaling class. Len is a very talented nature artist who shares insightful observations and facts in a manner that appeals to both children and adults. She draws you in! Len teaches you to observe and sketch using excellent photography as reference. Even with no previous experience, you come away with a sketch that is very realistic… and an amazing sense of accomplishment."

Judith H. - participant

"I have joined Len's wonderful virtual classes and have thoroughly enjoyed them. As someone with little skill, but tons of artistic interest, these classes have provided a safe and supportive outlet to participate in sketching. Len is extremely encouraging and uplifting; her instruction is thorough and easy to follow, her manner is gentle and approachable, the pace is excellent, the subject matter interesting and relatable, and most of all I appreciate and look forward to her knowledge and insight as she shares personal stories and anecdotes regarding the subjects we are sketching! Looking forward to joining Len in the future, with much gratitude and anticipation."

Nichole T. - participant