Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

Terms of Service

Pencils, Paper & Nature:
-provides online nature journaling classes for recreation;
-uses Zoom for the online class platform;
-will notify participants of changes in class times, dates and cancellations;
-will follow the Internet Interruption Policy should the internet connection drop at Pencils, Paper & Nature due to inclement weather and/or power outages.

Pencils, Paper & Nature reserves the right to:
-change, without notice, (a) class offerings, (b) class descriptions, (c) class registration cut-off dates, and (d) class prices;
-correct information on the website and within class content at Pencil, Paper & Nature's sole discretion;
-cancel a class at any time for any reason;
-change any part of the website, including Terms of Service and policies, at any time without notice.

The purchaser and participant agree to waive Pencils, Paper & Nature of liability:
-for any event that results in participant injury, physical or otherwise;
-for any event that results in loss of or damage to participant's data or technology;
-for any class interruption or cancellation due to an internet disconnect at Pencils, Paper & Nature (please refer to Internet Interruption Policy).

The participant:
-will NOT submit false or misleading information upon registration and payment;
-is solely responsible for the use of, or inability to use, personal technology to participate in the online class;
-is solely responsible for the ability to sign-in using the Zoom link, provided by Pencils, Paper & Nature, to access the online class;
-is solely responsible for personal internet availability and any interruptions on participant's end that may prevent participation in the online class;
-will act in a kind, tolerant and courteous manner for the duration of the class;
-will NOT record, photograph, screen-shot or reproduce any portion of the class or website.

-full payment is required by the registration cut-off date in order to be enrolled as a class participant;
-all prices are in Canadian dollars and are subject to HST;
-prices charged are based on the pricing at the date of registration;
-pricing is subject to change at any time, without notice.

The following methods of payment are accepted:
1. e-transfer
2. cheque (must be received via post by class registration cut-off date)

Privacy Policy

When registering for a class, you are requested to provide the name of purchaser and participant (if different from purchaser), billing address and contact information (email and phone/text number). The information collected enables you to register for a class, be invoiced, and receive reminders and updates to the class registration or schedule.
Pencils, Paper & Nature does not disclose customer personal information and does not sell the customer list.

Cancellation Policy

Registrations cancelled by the participant, or parent/guardian, with notice given to Pencils, Paper & Nature prior to 24 hours of the class are non-refundable, but eligible for a one-time registration transfer to another class within the same season (spring, summer, fall, winter).
All other participant cancellations, including missed classes, are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

Should Pencils, Paper & Nature cancel a class at any time prior to its commencement, registrants will be notified and have the option of:
(a) transferring the registration to another class in the same season; or
(b) receiving a full refund

Internet Interruption Policy

In the rare occurrence of an internet interruption at Pencils, Paper & Nature due to inclement weather and/or power outages beyond Pencils, Paper & Nature's control, the following steps will be taken:

1. Pencils, Paper & Nature will do everything possible to restore power and/or internet connection within 15 mins;
2. If the online class cannot resume within 15 mins of the interruption, Pencils, Paper & Nature will contact the participants, as soon as possible, to notify of the class cancellation.
3. Pencils, Paper & Nature will discuss with each participant the option of:
(a) transferring the registration to another class in the same season; or
(b) receiving a refund based on the time of the class interruption.

Based on the time of interruption, within the 90-min class, refund amounts are as follows:
(a) if within 45 mins, participant is entitled to 100% refund
(b) if 46 mins or later, participant is entitled to 50% refund

If an internet interruption occurs at the participant's end, the participant can rejoin when able and continue the in-progress class from that point. No re-scheduling, class-transfer or refund will be provided.